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Food and Wine Vacations

Food &Wine Vacations specializes in culinary vacations and wine-Tours. With programs that feature in-depth exploration of a particular region. The concept is touring with a local that will show you the back door to a region.

Here is how a typical day looks like: Picture yourself waking up in a centuries old private estate, eating fresh pastries or local cold cuts. you will spend the morning hours with your local host, exploring  medieval village and eat lunch in a local restaurant. Upon return, you will have time to read or relax by the pool before cooking hand in hand with the chef, learning tips for life. Dinner will follow and so is the wine. Every day is different. From mingling in the Piazzas, experiencing market day, visit family owned wineries, and food artisans.

Wouldn't it  make you feel great knowing that all logistics are taken care of and all you have to do is show up and enjoy?   We design our cooking-vacations and wine-Tours with the vision of hassle-free and cultural immersion that will create lifetime memories.

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Enjoy the best of Provence with a small group tour. Provence is one of the places you fall in love in first sight. Its perched villages, magical landscape and seductive coastline inspired many artists, writers and film makers. The best of Provence tour designed to explore the lifestyle, the cuisine, the wines and the culture. On this Provence Tour, You will meet the people of Provence, the chef who welcomes you into his rivate kitchen, the chocolate maker, the vendors in the markets and families of wine makers. And what’s better than touring with a local guide that knows the secrets of his region. This tour gives you an incomparable value of the length of time, activities, quality and amount of meals and authenticity above all. < learn more >

Indulge your passion for food, wine and culture in beautiful surroundings and stunning locations. You will not only learn to cook and present fascinating dishes but also have the opportunity to explore bustling markets, charming towns and food artisans.

Lead the life of privilege in a stunning estate of Hill-terraced olive groves and overlooking a small lake with its own little tree-shaded island, reached by a wooden bridge. This Tuscan Gem located outside the medieval walled city of Lucca. The entire villa will be ours. Only our private group will be lounging, sipping wine, dining, and taking long walks on the property. And we have our own private chef. < learn more >

Featured widely in magazines such as Condé Nast Traveler, Travel and leisure and gourmet, and in broadcast television, Chef David’s cooking school became a “must do” destination in Yucatan along with Mayan ruins and natural wonders. The setting is a magnificent colonial mansion in downtown Mérida and the entrance door outside doesn’t reveal the magnificence inside.

French, Spanish and Dutch influences make the Yucatan cuisine special and surprising for those who expect traditional Mexican food. Dutch traders left behind the Edam and the Gouda. The sizable Lebanese population brought the Kibbe. There are even baguettes, used to make a Yucatean specialty sandwich. < learn more >