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Phone: 801-268-4470


Cruise & Travel Masters was established in 1984, and is family owned and a Utah based business.

Toby Nash

 is on premise every day overseeing operations and customer service.
She enjoys the hands-on with our Travel Advisors and working with the many satisfied customers.


Meet Our Incredible Travel Experts and Their Specialty
These experts have an edge over almost any other seller of travel. They learn what you want, they negotiate what is in your best interest, and they're there for you if you run into trouble.  Each participates in ongoing industry training programs, quality control procedures, and have traveled to most parts of the world. 

 They are prepared to:

“Treat Every Client As Our Most Valued Client”.

Amber Burt 

Specializes in:
Corporate-International and USA.
Leisure – Africa, Europe, Cruises, Mexico, USA, Disney, Caribbean, South Pacific, Hawaii 

Jeremy Roberts

Specializes in:
Corporate – International and USA, Sports teams & groups & incentives
Leisure – Cruises, Mexico, USA, Hawaii, Disney, Caribbean

Amy Smith

Specializes in:
Leisure– Alaska, Caribbean, Costa Rica, Disney, Europe, Hawaii, Mexico, USA
Honeymoons and Anniversaries, Ocean and Luxury Cruises

Joanne Nelson

Joanne especially loves putting together multi-generational family vacations whether they are cruises or land-based. Now that her children are raised, she and her husband are trying to see, first hand, the wonderful places she has been sending her clients.

Brenda Macklyn

Specializes in:
Corporate – International and USA
Leisure – Cruises, Mexico, USA, Hawaii, Disney, Caribbean

Kjersti Jarman

I am enthusiastic and full of energy and would love to help you plan your next adventure.  I pay close attention to detail and promise that I will be diligent in giving you a great travel experience.  I am an avid cruiser and look forward to making your next cruise memorable.    I also specialize in Disneyland and know many tips and tricks to making your next Disneyland visit easy and stress free.   Leisure- Hawaii, Mexico, Alaskan cruising and European destinations.


Cindy Swensen

Specializes in:
Leisure - Luxury Cruises, Hawaii, Tahiti, Mexico, Caribbean, Costa Rica, Europe and USA
Corporate - USA and International

Chelsi Regier

   I really enjoy traveling and I want to see as much of the world as I can.  You learn so much and get to experience so much from exploring new places!  I would love to help you plan your next adventure so you can have and create memories that will last forever.  Email me to get started in planning your next vacation wherever that may be in this beautiful world. 

Mateja Harrington

I specialize in luxury travel, beach destinations, and customized European travel.  Over the years I have helped many different people plan their dream vacations. I am a certified Hawaii planner, and a romantic getaway expert. I have also helped many multigenerational families book vacations. As an expert traveler, I have come to learn that I love beach vacations. The beach is my happy place.  I was born in Slovenia, and raised in Hawaii. I have also lived in Montana, Texas, California, Washington, and now in Utah.

Doug Anderson

Specializes in:
 Group Travel – particularly Group Cruises: Sales Meetings, Corporate Incentives, Reunions, Friends & Family, Groups and Seminars

Michele Ross

Specializes in:
Corporate – International, USA
Leisure – Group and incentive worldwide

Emily Jensen

Emily specializes in leisure travel, especially for adventurous travelers and river cruisers. She loves working with couples, families, multi-generational trips, and small groups. She sends clients to Europe, Hawaii, Australia, New Zealand, the Caribbean, Florida, Alaska, Mexico, and anywhere else they want to go!

Natalie Maestas

I specialize in group travel, beach destinations, and customized European travel. Over the past couple years I have helped hundreds of people plan their vacations. I learned at a young age that I love vacations, if there was one place that I would like to be, its the beach. I would love to help you plan your next vacation. Send me an email and let me know what I can help you with, and lets get that vacation planned!

Gypsy Hummel

Specializes in:
Corporate – International & USA
Leisure – Hawaii, USA, Mexico, Central America, South Pacific, Disney, cruises

Peggy Di Sera

I have travelled to several countries in Europe, including Ireland twice, the Cook Islands, Mexico and all  the 50 states.  I really enjoy selling cruises, European tours, Alaska cruise tours, really any travel!

Holly Janney

Specializes in:
Corporate – International & USA
Leisure – Hawaii, south Pacific, Sandals & Beaches, Caribbean, cruises, honeymoons

Sam Strack

Travel has always been my passion and I find great importance in connecting travel experiences with building my long-lasting relationships. I strongly believe travel is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer. With that said, you can experience a lot without spending a lot. I specialize in getting you exactly what you want on a budget you can afford. Everyone has their connections and my partnership with Cruise and Travel Masters allow me to literally have a world at my fingertips. Vendors love Cruise and Travel Masters, and they share their love with fantastic promos to make anyone's dream vacation come to life. I am here to answer any question you may have, and I will always treat you fairly and kind. If you want a simple conversation about what options you have for your next adventure, I am your guy.

Jacquie Lybbert

For 35 years I've  traveled around the world by land, cruise ships, and river boats as well as planning adventures for my clients. My passion is creating luxury dream trips and sharing my professional knowledge and personal experiences in the process.  The world offers so many wonderful adventures –  Machu Picchu at sunrise,  the warm sand and surf of Maui,  a lion’s roar in the African bush, the soft marble of Michael Angelo’s David, snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef, wandering the Taj Mahal, climbing the pyramids, flying low over the ice fields, or hovering above an erupting volcano.  I have LOTS of favorites!  I would love to work with you on creating your dream trip. 

Sasha Nash

I grew up traveling all over the world and found out at an early age the importance of expanding my views in life.  I use travel as my self-care and start planning my next vacation and soon as I get back home. One of my favorite vacations was doing a River Cruise down the Danube, during the Christmas Markets, starting in Budapest and ending in Passau. This was a really unique and intimate way to see such beautiful cities. I have booked many destination weddings, including my own to the Riviera Maya, and really enjoy working with these larger groups. Although I could talk all day about my travel experiences, I would rather help you start planning yours. Lets work together to create your dream vacation. 

Jamey Harvey

Specializes in:
Leisure-International, USA, Europe, China, Hawaii, Caribbean, Mexico, River Cruises, UNESCO Sites, National Parks, Disney, Cruises, Missionary pickups, Church History

Susie Amoss  

For years, Susie has traveled far and wide to accumulate the expertise and knowledge essential to create a memorable travel experience that is customized just for you.   She specializes in unique journey's and adventures: Exotic Safaris, Luxury barging and biking, trekking, small ship cruises, Culinary and wine tours, and Spa Resort & Fitness retreats.

Janeen Gaisford

Specializes in:
Disney, NYC, Hawaii, Mexico, Cruises, Atlantis, China

Zion Strack (Z bone)

Being a Travel Professional is like being a friend to people who seek adventure. My clients have enjoyed many adventures and vacations with personalized service. I aim to help with every preparation of your journey and with many industry tools I am able to get you the best price. If you work with me I know you will be happy with the level of service that I provide.  Leisure - Mexico, Australia, Hawaii, Europe, Alaska, & Asia, Cruises & Rivercruises, destination weddings.

Jennifer West

Specializes in:
Leisure – Cruises, Europe, USA, missionary pickups, Hawaii, South America, groups

Jeremiah Nash

 Internet marketing

Finance/Accounting Department

Susie Heffernan

Since 1990
Finance-Accounting Department

Andrea Brawley

Since 2000
Finance-Accounting Department

Customer Service

Dan Bentley

Since 1995

Debbie Hawkins

Since 2003

Veronica Regier

Since 1998