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Tahiti travel review with Cindy Swensen

Vacation to Tahiti...............

I had the oportunity to visit Tahiti when I was 12 yrs old. It truly was an amazing experience.  I had such wonderful memories of this beautiful gem, I knew that someday it would beckon me back. 

I have now had this experience once again.  One that I thought would be much different this time. It was better than I could have ever imagined.

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With the flight being just another movie longer than a flight to Hawaii, it’s not as tough as you would think.   Aprox.  8 hrs from Los Angeles on the non-stop flight on Air Tahiti Nui.  So worth the extra time and effort!


The Polynesian culture is warm, kind, relaxed, and pleasant.  Most of them speak French and Tahitian, but seem to do ok as well with the English language.  Though food is very expensive in Tahiti, the flavor of the islands cannot be duplicated.   The Tahiti resorts blend in perfectly with the landscape, camouflaging in the beautiful scenery.


The islands are home to lush rain forests, archaeological sites, green valleys, dramatic terrain, numerous waterfalls, pineapple and vanilla plantations, and much more.  You can go pearl hunting, sail serenely through the atoll's warm, crystal-clear waters.  The Tahitian islands are known for some of the world’s best diving.


The lagoon teems with life, including rays, sharks, dolphin, and brilliantly colored reef fish. Snorkel,

 picnic on the palm-fringed beach, or just walk and find your own quiet piece of paradise.  Many visit just to swim in the crystalline waters, glide in a outrigger canoe, or the second most popular pursuit: do nothing at all.


This is why I love Tahiti and her surrounding islands.  I look forward to helping you plan your vacation to Tahiti.


They simply are the most beautiful, charming and untouched islands in the world.


I will return again....                                


Travel Specialist Cindy Swensen

Cruise & Travel Masters